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Adapting overrides for use in S2

This tutorial will allow users to simply re-use code from *_HEAD overrides in the S2 system through the use of the Custom CSS option, which all layouts now support. This option can be found on the Customize Journal Style page by clicking on the "Custom CSS" link in the left sidebar.

Let's take a look at the override you want to convert. It most likely looks similar to the following:

     <style type="text/css">
            body {

The segment highlighted in orange is the CSS part of the override. Copy and paste the CSS from your override into the Custom CSS field and click the green "Save Changes" button when finished.

Do not copy the GLOBAL_HEAD=>/<=GLOBAL_HEAD, <style type="text/css">/</style>, or <!--/--> lines into the Custom CSS field, as they are only used with the S1 style system! Doing so will cause your CSS to be rejected and your journal to display incorrectly.

Please note that this may not always work for CSS overrides that are style specific, such as realignment overrides, as these rely on the specific structure of the code and may not be consistent between S1 and S2.

Finally, these instruction are only applicable for CSS overrides, i.e. those that are between <style type="text/css">/</style> elements. If your *_HEAD overrides contain <link>, <meta> or other elements, you will need to write a print_custom_head() function to use these overrides. This type of customization requires a Paid account and a theme layer, and is explained in this tutorial.

Courtesy of tinyjo and crschmidt originally, rewritten by aajwind. Adapted for all account types by av8rmike.
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