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The S2 HowTo Journal

Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials for Basic S2 Customization

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[paidaccount][boxer][asg] Disabling custom comment pages
howto_user wrote in s2howto
Paid Accounts Only
The following tutorial requires creating and editing a custom theme layer, which in turn requires a paid, permanent, or early adopter account. Please read What are the paid account benefits? and How do I buy a paid account? to learn about the paid account benefits and how to buy a paid account.

This tutorial requires the creation of a theme layer. If you already have a theme layer, you will need to edit it and add the code below. If you do not have a theme layer, you will need to create one by following the instructions in the Theme Layer tutorial.

The Boxer and A Sturdy Gesture layouts enable custom comment pages by default when used on a paid/permanent account, and provide no wizard option to disable this. This tutorial provides code to disable custom comment pages in these layouts. This requires setting a property, explained in the 'Setting Properties in a Theme Layer' section of the Theme Layer tutorial.

Place this code in your custom theme layer, and compile:

set view_entry_disabled = true;

Removing this line, or changing 'true' to 'false' will re-enable custom comment pages.

Contributed by phoenixdreaming.

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