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[digital multiplex] Content Resize Realign

You can modify the width and alignment of your journal's content in Digital Multiplex with the following custom CSS:

/* change these numbers, must add up to 100% */
#top_title, #main {
width: 50%;
margin-left: 25%;
margin-right: 25%;

Using the sample code will center the content tables and will make the content tables half the width of the screen. To change the width of the content tables you would change the percentage value highlighted in yellow. To change where on the screen the content tables appear you would change the percentage values highlighted in orange. If these two numbers are equal then your journal content will be centered. You will need to define all three percentage values and the three added together must equal 100%, otherwise using the override may have unexpected results.

Please refer to this FAQ for information on where you can apply your custom CSS.

Written by jennieknits. Adapted for all users by camomiletea.

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